Projects beginning in the year 2019

28. 2. 2019

Scientists from Laboratory of Gnotobiology were successful with 7 new projects funded.

In the past year we have applied for several projects and asked for their funding. In 2019 we are starting seven new projects that will take advantage of the mouse and piglet gnotobiotic model. Besides grants from the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic awarded to Marek Šinkora, Tomáš Hudcovic, Hana Kozáková and Tomáš Hrnčíř, Martin Schwarzer has received EMBO Installation Grant and collaboration grant with University of Padova, Italy. Last but not least Dagmar Šrůtková was succesful with travel grant application with Polish collaborators from Wroclaw, Poland. Congratulations!

List of new grants:

Gut microbiota and host intestinal inflammation. Mechanism of bacterial and butyrate action in alleviating the consequences of dysbiosis

Principal Investigator: Tomáš Hudcovic
Grant Agency of the Czech Republic Grant No.: 19-08294S, 2019-2021

Different order of immunoglobulin light chain rearrangement in swine

Principal Investigator: Marek Šinkora
Grant Agency of the Czech Republic Grant No.: 19-01504S, 2019-2021

Defined bacterial cell-wall components as mucosal immunomodulators protecting against allergic inflammation development

Principal Investigator: Hana Kozáková
Grant Agency of the Czech Republic No: 19-02261S, 2019-2021

New strategy for alleviating allergic response: Effect of surface bacterial antigens in the prevention and treatment of allergic inflammation in mouse model

Principal Investigator: Dagmar Šrůtková
MEYS 8JPL19046, 2019-2020

Deciphering the bacteria-driven host juvenile growth promotion

Principal Investigator: Martin Schwarzer
EMBO Installation Grant, 2019-2021

EVOSYM - Evolution In Symbiosis: How microbes evolve to benefit their multicellular hosts

Principal Investigator: Dr. Maria-Elena Martino, Italy, Co-Investigator: Martin Schwarzer
Fondazione Casa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, 2019-2020

The potential use of fecal bacteriotherapy in patients with generalized cancer treated with anti-PD-1 antibodies

Principal Investigator: L. Petruzelka, Co-Investigator: Tomáš Hrnčíř
Czech Health Research Council No: NV19-03-00179, 2019-2022